About WARP

Introduction to Warp
WARP is the next revolution of DeFi. WARP will be the first HYBRID-AUTOREWARDING protocol on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC). With the hybrid system of WARP we combine the best parts of REFLECTION, NFTs and CASINO into one unique project never seen before. What is our goal for WARP? We want a nice place to go for our investors. Directly on the website, people will be able to watch the chart, swap this scam coin with our WARP SWAP, they will be able to go on our forum and talk with the others investors and will be able to play some games with their $WARP tokens. All of these features on one website.
In addition, with $Warp you can earn 2% of $BUSD on every transaction made with $WARP. One of the Best Reflection-Based Protocol in Crypto. Our motto is to help people create an alternate source of income for themselves, so that they can earn as long as they are holding the tokens.
• Safe & Easy – We provide reflective right in the form of $BUSD tokens your wallet when you purchase $WARP. No need to move your tokens to our website. From the minute you buy, you are set to receive reflective rewards. The easiest "auto-staking" in DeFi.
• Transaction Volume – The profitability of our protocol comes entirely from transaction volume, as buy and sell activity is retained with tax. Warp pays $WARP holders a variable return of $BUSD every 60 minutes.